Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from HDS

Happy Halloween from the "Hill's Angels." 

We had a great day dressing the part and renewing our CPR certification.  

Don't forget to brush and floss after all that candy tonight!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dynamic and Full of Energy

And last but not least, here's our final team highlight for Hill Dental Studio.  Welcome Mary Laughery, the other half of our hygienist duo.  She is, in her own words-- tall, blonde and always on the go...

Dr. Hill:  Tell me about your education.

Mary L.:  I have a diverse education with a degree in General Studies with minors in Art and Biology from Texas Tech, my dental hygiene degree is from Amarillo College and then an additional Bachelors of Science in Occupational Education degree with a specialization in dental hygiene from Wayland Baptist University. Way too much School!

DH:  Why are you always on the go?

ML:  My husband is a football/biology teacher, Kacey.  Together  we have 2 sweet daughters--Mollie (3 years old) and Macie (16 months).  As you can imagine two young girls can keep anyone on their toes.   

DH:  What is the best part about working at Hill Dental Studio?

ML.:  I enjoy the patient interaction.  I love my family, and my interactions with patients is a great way to recharge my batteries and truly helps me be a better mother. 

DH:  Heels or flats?

ML:  Heels. The higher the better!

DH:  Summer or Winter?

ML:  Spring and Fall.  Not too hot or too cold--just right

DH:  Paints or crayons?

ML:  Paints, specifically oil or acrylic.

DH:  Coach or Dooney?

ML:  Dooney. My weakness... purse addiction!

We are so blessed to have Mary on our team! Make an appointment today and come experience the care Mary and the rest of the team provides at Hill Dental Studio.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Quality above all else.

Since it is her birthday week, this week's highlight is the bright, smiling face that greets you when you walk into Hill Dental Studio.  We are proud to spotlight-Trish Piwetz.  Happy birthday, Trish!  With her warm and thoughtful personality, she is ready to make you feel like a member of our dental family.
Dr. Hill:  How would you describe yourself?

Trish: I love life and what I do makes me very happy.  I am attentive to detail, trustworthy, thoughtful and talkative.

DH:  What brought you to the dental field?

TP:  Love of people and being a part in their healthy teeth and beautiful smile.

DH:  What is the best part of being a part of the Hill Dental Studio team?

TP:  I have a great boss and a wonderful group of ladies to work with.  I am very proud of the way we take exceptional care of our patients. 

DH: Mountains or beach?

TP:  Born and raised in Corpus Christi, naturally the beach

DH: Bake or cook?

TP:  Love both equally

DH:  Dogs or cats?

TP:  Cats

DH: Board games or cards? 

TP:  Board games

We are so glad Trish is a part of our team! Call her for an appointment today and come experience how Trish, as well as the rest of the team at Hill Dental Studio, can make all your dental goals a reality.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Texas Twister

Congratulations to our patients the Sustaire's!  This weekend they hosted the largest regional Taekwondo tournament in the area at the Allen Events Center and Hill Dental Studio was proud to be one of the sponsors.  There were over 1100 bodies and over 2200 competitions.  From our vantage point everything seemed to go so smoothly and without a hitch.  Our own kids had a blast and the judges were so great with them.  Thank you to all the instructors, judges and volunteers who made it all happen!

If you are ever interested in Taekwondo, check out the Sustaire's.  It's not just for kids, either!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Calm, Cool and Collected

We are halfway through introducing our employees at Hill Dental Studio!  We are proud to highlight our newest member of our team who celebrates her one year anniversary with us this fall--Holly Haas. 

Dr. Hill:  How would you describe yourself?

Holly: I'm a Dallas girl who is able to balance being a dental assistant with my home life.  My husband, David and I have been married for 21 years and we have 2 beautiful children, Landon and Elizabeth. 

DH:  How long have you been a registered dental assistant?

HH: Over 15 years.

DH:  What do you like best about being a part of the HDS team?

HH:  I love working with you and being surrounded by a wonderful team.  Your gentle yet precise approach to dentistry is unique and I hope to follow this approach and offer my best and professional attention with all of our patients. 

DH:  Coffee or tea?

HH: Coffee.

DH:  Thunderstorm or sunshine? 

HH:  Sunshine.

DH:  Zoo or Amusement park?

HH:  Zoo.

DH: Movie Theater or DVD and your sofa?

HH: DVD and my sofa at home.

We are so pleased that Holly is a part of our team at Hill Dental Studio and hope that she has many more anniversaries with us.   Holly will make you feel at home and at ease with her peaceful, calm demeanor.  Make an appointment today and see how well Holly and the rest of the team take care of each patient's individual needs.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Merry Mary

There are two Mary's at Hill Dental Studio which can be sort of confusing, but Mary Wilson is our highlighted employee this week and can handle any business aspect, from scheduling to financial arrangements.  She was quickly brought onto the team after Dr. Hill took ownership and comes to us highly recommended by her husband, Dr. Hill's dental sales representative and we totally agree!

Dr. Hill: How would you describe yourself?

MaryW.: Energetic, out-going and compassionate.

DH: After growing up in Alaska, college in Arizona, and 6 years in Colorado, what brought you to Texas and specifically the dental field?

MW:  My best friend at the time was married to a dentist, I coached her kids in gymnastics.  She said they would love to have me be a part of their dental practice.  I told them I didn't know a thing about dentistry.  She said, "you have all we are looking for.  You are a positive, energetic, people-person, that is easy to talk to."  That was 13 years ago. 

DH:  What is your favorite part of being a team member at Hill Dental Studio?

MW:  I love the relationships that I have developed.  I am happy to say that I look forward to going to the office.  I feel we are family.  Everyone here cares about each other. 

DH:  Indoors or Outdoors?

MW: Outdoors

DH:  Backflips or Cartwheels?

MW: Backflips

DH: Stallions or Thoroughbreds?

MW:  Thoroughbreds, and I try to ride a few times a week.

DH:  Potato or Tortilla Chips?

MW: Tortilla Chips with guacamole and hot salsa

We are so glad Mary is a part of our team! Make an appointment today and come experience how Mary, as well as the rest of the team at Hill Dental Studio, can make all your dental goals a reality.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gentle, Quality Experience

This week's spotlight is on one of our hygienist, Nancy Prosser.  Dr. Hill was lucky to have her already part of the team when he bought the practice in 2009.  She was adaptable and went with the flow of the new transition and we were so glad that she decided to stick with us as part of our new team at Hill Dental Studio!
Dr. Hill:  How long have you been in dentistry?

Nancy: Before gloves were mandatory!  Is that long enough?  :)

DH: What drew you to the field of hygiene?

NP:  After high school, I worked as an orthodontist's assistant and became close friends with the hygienist  The independence and development of patient relationships was appealing.  Once my 3rd son started school I decided to start hygiene school.

DH: Three boys?  I guess that kept you busy!

NP:  Yes, between my sons: Nikalus, Nathaniel, and Dru, my 4 dogs: Mattie(10 yr yellow lab), Belle (12 yr chihuahua) Chewie (11 yr chihuahua), Scout (5 yr rat terrier), and my husband of 30 years, Phil, you could say I've been pretty busy.

DH: What is your strong suit?

NP:  I always strive to make my patients feel comfortable and I truly enjoy my "job." 

DH: What is your favorite part of being part of the HDS team?

NP: We are continually learning together as a team, and are committed to providing quality care to our patients.  That's what it's all about--our patients!

DH: Letterman or Leno?

NP: I was a Carson fan, but I do watch Letterman occasionally.

DH: City or country?

NP: I'm a city girl that has spent most of my adult life in the country...and I love it!  You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl. 

DH: Bike, run or swim?

NP:  Bike, but I have completed a few mini-triathalons.

DH: Mexican or Italian food?

NP:  Italian.

We are so blessed to have Nancy on our team! Make an appointment today and come experience the thorough, but gentle care Nancy and the rest of the team provides at Hill Dental Studio.