Thursday, June 9, 2011

LVI-Day 1

The first day at LVI with the team was great!  They were divided into 2 groups.

Nancy, Trish and Jessica were in the Core I program hearing a great introduction to neuromuscular dentistry.  They had been listening to Dr. Hill say these things for a few years now, but it always helps to hear it from another source.  Discussion was held about the signs and symptoms that can be brought on by having an unbalanced and incorrect bite, including TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder): worn teeth, headache, migraines, neck and back pain.  These are just a few of the problems. 

Jessica, Nancy and Trish in lecture.
After that they went through some airway and breathing evaluations and learned that
as dental professionals, we are now on the front line to recognize airway issues like
sleep apnea and tonsil/airway issues in adults and kids.  Now we have the tools
to help people who hate their CPAP and want a simple dental appliance alternative.
They ended their education day with some muscle evaluations and how to determine if
pain is associated with muscles of the head and neck.

The other half of the team, Mary, Mary and Holly, were in some more focused lectures about
streamlining our office to be more patient centered.  Meaning, we will always strive
to give our guests an individual, compassion filled visit. They were also learning
about communication skills and personality styles which will allow them to better
communicate with our patients so everyone understands.  We ended the day with some
good discussions about motivating the entire team to think and feel like they own
the practice, including everything from compensation to facility pride and even
personal presentation. It was this lecture that Dr. Hill heard a few years ago which
prompted the change to not wear scrubs and present a more professional attitude
showing more respect for the time and energy our patients give us.
Jessica and Mary at LVI - Don't you love Dr. Hill's teeth in the background?
Being in Vegas, it can't be all fun and no play!  Following dinner many of the team enjoyed a little casino fun and a few even attempted to learn craps with Dr. Hill.
Holly, Jessica, Mary, Nancy, and Mary.

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